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Author: Verhaak, RGW; Hoadley, KA; Purdom, E; Wang, V; Qi, Y; Wilkerson, MD; Miller, CR; Ding, L; Golub, T; Mesirov, JP; Alexe, G; Lawrence, M; O'Kelly, M; Tamayo, P; Weir, BA; Gabriel, S; Winckler, W; Gupta, S; Jakkula, L; Feiler, HS; Hodgson, JG; James, CD; Sarkaria, JN; Brennan, C; Kahn, A; Spellman, PT; Wilson, RK; Speed, TP; Gray, JW; Meyerson, M; Getz, G; Perou, CM; Hayes, DN
Date Of Publication: 2010-01-19
Journal Title: CANCER CELL

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