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Author: Trevelyan, SJ; Brewster, JL; Burgess, AE; Crowther, JM; Cadell, AL; Parker, BL; Croucher, DR; Dobson, RCJ; Murphy, JM; Mace, PD
Date Of Publication: 2020-03-10
Journal Title: Science Signaling

Author: Foglizzo, M; Middleton, AJ; Burgess, AE; Crowther, JM; Dobson, RCJ; Murphy, JM; Day, CL; Mace, PD
Date Of Publication: 2018-09-26
Journal Title: Nature Communications

Author: Murphy, JM; Mace, PD; Eyers, PA
Date Of Publication: 2017-08-05
Journal Title: Curr Opin Struct Biol

Author: Weijman, JF; Kumar, A; Jamieson, SA; King, CM; Caradoc-Davies, TT; Ledgerwood, EC; Murphy, JM; Mace, PD
Date Of Publication: 2017-02-27
Journal Title: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Author: Murphy, JM; Nakatani, Y; Jamieson, SA; Dai, W; Lucet, IS; Mace, PD
Date Of Publication: 2015-11-03
Journal Title: Structure

Author: Vince, JE; Pantaki, D; Feltham, R; Mace, PD; Cordier, SM; Schmukle, AC; Davidson, AJ; Callus, BA; Wong, WWL; Gentle, IE; Carter, H; Lee, EF; Walczak, H; Day, CL; Vaux, DL; Silke, J
Date Of Publication: 2009-12-18

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