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Author: Fu, Y; Mukhamedova, N; Ip, S; D'Souza, W; Henley, KJ; DiTommaso, T; Kesani, R; Ditiatkovski, M; Jones, L; JENNINGS, G; Lane, RM; Smyth, IM; Kile, BT; Sviridov, D
Date Of Publication: 2013-08-06
Journal Title: Cell metabolism

Author: Hacking, D; Hilton, A; Ip, S; Mukhamedova, N; Meikle, P; Ellis, S; Satterly, K; Collinge, J; de Graaf, C; Bahlo, M; Sviridov, D; Kile, B; Hilton, D; Smyth, I
Date Of Publication: 2009-08

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