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Author: Delbridge, AR; Pang, SH; Vandenberg, CJ; Grabow, S; Aubrey, BJ; Tai, L; Herold, MJ; Strasser, A
Date Of Publication: 2016-09-19
Journal Title: J Exp Med

Author: Pang, SH; Minnich, M; Gangatirkar, P; Zheng, Z; Ebert, A; Song, G; Dickins, RA; Corcoran, LM; Mullighan, CG; Busslinger, M; Huntington, ND; Nutt, SL; Carotta, S
Date Of Publication: 2016-06-30
Journal Title: Leukemia

Author: Sheikh, BN; Lee, SC; El-Saafin, F; Vanyai, HK; Hu, Y; Pang, SH; Grabow, S; Strasser, A; Nutt, SL; Alexander, WS; Smyth, GK; Voss, AK; Thomas, T
Date Of Publication: 2015-03-19
Journal Title: Blood

Author: Carotta, S; Willis, SN; Hasbold, J; Inouye, M; Pang, SH; Emslie, D; Light, A; Chopin, M; Shi, W; Wang, H; Morse, HC, 3rd; Tarlinton, DM; Corcoran, LM; Hodgkin, PD; Nutt, SL
Date Of Publication: 2014-10-06
Journal Title: J Exp Med

Author: Pang, SH; Carotta, S; Nutt, SL
Date Of Publication: 2014-05-16
Journal Title: Curr Top Microbiol Immunol

Author: Mannering, SI; Pang, SH; Williamson, NA; Naselli, G; Reynolds, EC; O'Brien-Simpson, NM; Purcell, AW; Harrison, LC
Date Of Publication: 2009-05

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