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Author: Pain, A; Bohme, U; Berry, AE; Mungall, K; Finn, RD; Jackson, AP; Mourier, T; Mistry, J; Pasini, EM; Aslett, MA; Balasubrammaniam, S; Borgwardt, K; Brooks, K; Carret, C; Carver, TJ; Cherevach, I; Chillingworth, T; Clark, TG; Galinski, MR; Hall, N; Harper, D; Harris, D; Hauser, H; Ivens, A; Janssen, CS; Keane, T; Larke, N; Lapp, S; Marti, M; Moule, S; Meyer, IM; Ormond, D; Peters, N; Sanders, M; Sanders, S; Sargeant, TJ; Simmonds, M; Smith, F; Squares, R; Thurston, S; Tivey, AR; Walker, D; White, B; Zuiderwijk, E; Churcher, C; Quail, MA; Cowman, AF; Turner, CMR; Rajandream, MA; Kocken, CHM; Thomas, AW; Newbold, CI; Barrell, BG; Berriman, M
Date Of Publication: 2008-10-09
Journal Title: NATURE

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