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Author: Tannahill, GM; Curtis, AM; Adamik, J; Palsson-McDermott, EM; McGettrick, AF; Goel, G; Frezza, C; Bernard, NJ; Kelly, B; Foley, NH; Zheng, L; Gardet, A; Tong, Z; Jany, SS; Corr, SC; Haneklaus, M; Caffrey, BE; Pierce, K; Walmsley, S; Beasley, FC; Cummins, E; Nizet, V; Whyte, M; Taylor, CT; Lin, H; Masters, SL; Gottlieb, E; Kelly, VP; Clish, C; Auron, PE; Xavier, RJ; O'Neill, LAJ
Date Of Publication: 2013-04-11
Journal Title: NATURE

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