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Author: Prall, OWJ; Nastevski, V; Xu, H; McEvoy, CRE; Vissers, JHA; Byrne, DJ; Takano, E; Yerneni, S; Ellis, S; Green, T; Mitchell, CA; Murray, WK; Scott, CL; Grimmond, SM; Hofmann, O; Papenfuss, A; Kee, D; Fellowes, A; Brown, IS; Miller, G; Kumarasinghe, MP; Perren, A; Nahm, CB; Mittal, A; Samra, J; Ahadi, M; Fox, SB; Chou, A; Gill, AJ
Date Of Publication: 2020-05-01
Journal Title: Modern Pathology

Author: Whittle, JR; Vaillant, F; Surgenor, E; Policheni, AN; Giner, G; Capaldo, BD; Chen, HR; Liu, HK; Dekkers, JF; Sachs, N; Clevers, H; Fellowes, A; Green, T; Xu, H; Fox, SB; Herold, MJ; Smyth, GK; Gray, DHD; Visvader, JE; Lindeman, GJ
Date Of Publication: 2020-04-03
Journal Title: Clinical Cancer Research

Author: Porubsky, S; Jessup, P; Kee, D; Sharma, R; OCHI, A; Xu, H; Froelich, JJ; Nott, L; Scott, C; Awad, R; Moldovan, C; Hardikar, AA; Bohnenberger, H; Kuffer, S; Strobel, P; Marx, A
Date Of Publication: 2020-02
Journal Title: Virchows Archiv

Author: Cheasley, D; Pereira, L; Sampurno, S; Sieber, O; Jorissen, R; Xu, H; Germann, M; Yuqian, Y; Ramsay, RG; Malaterre, J
Date Of Publication: 2015-08
Journal Title: Molecular Cancer Research

Author: Sampurno, S; Bijenhof, A; Cheasley, D; Xu, H; Robine, S; Hilton, D; Alexander, WS; Pereira, L; Mantamadiotis, T; Malaterre, J; Ramsay, RG
Date Of Publication: 2013-04

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