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Author: Ng, AP; Hu, Y; Metcalf, D; Hyland, CD; Ierino, H; Phipson, B; Wu, D; Baldwin, TM; Kauppi, M; Kiu, H; Di Rago, L; Hilton, DJ; Smyth, GK; Alexander, WS
Date Of Publication: 2015-05
Journal Title: PLoS Genet

Author: Willis, SN; Fletcher, JI; Kaufmann, T; van Delft, MF; Chen, L; Czabotar, PE; Ierino, H; Lee, EF; Fairlie, WD; Bouillet, P; Strasser, A; Kluck, RM; Adams, JM; Huang, DCS
Date Of Publication: 2007-02-09
Journal Title: SCIENCE

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