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Author: Mowry, BJ; Holmans, PA; Pulver, AE; Gejman, PV; Riley, B; Williams, NM; Laurent, C; Schwab, SG; Wildenauer, DB; Bauche, S; Owen, MJ; Wormley, B; Sanders, AR; Nestadt, G; Liang, KY; Duan, J; Ribble, R; Norton, N; Soubigou, S; Maier, W; Ewen-White, KR; deMarchi, N; Carpenter, B; Walsh, D; Williams, H; Jay, M; Albus, M; Nertney, DA; Papadimitriou, G; O'Neill, A; O'Donovan, MC; Deleuze, JF; Lerer, FB; Dikeos, D; Kendler, KS; Mallet, J; Silverman, JM; Crowe, RR; Levinson, DF
Date Of Publication: 2004-08

Author: Levinson, DF; Holmans, PA; Laurent, C; Riley, B; Pulver, AE; Gejman, PV; Schwab, SG; Williams, NM; Owen, MJ; Wildenauer, DB; Sanders, AR; Nestadt, G; Mowry, BJ; Wormley, B; Bauche, S; Soubigou, S; Ribble, R; Nertney, DA; Liang, KY; Martinolich, L; Maier, W; Norton, N; Williams, H; Albus, M; Carpenter, EB; deMarchi, N; Ewen-White, KR; Walsh, D; Jay, M; Deleuze, JF; O'Neill, FA; Papadimitriou, G; Weilbaecher, A; Lerer, B; O'Donovan, MC; Dikeos, D; Silverman, JM; Kendler, KS; Mallet, J; Crowe, RR; Walters, M
Date Of Publication: 2002-04-26
Journal Title: SCIENCE

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