Gene models, expression repertoire and immune response of Plasmodium vivax Reticulocyte Binding Proteins
Publication Year 2015-12-28, Volume 84, Issue #3, Page 677-85
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Infect Immun
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Journal Article
Members of the Plasmodium vivax Reticulocyte Binding Protein (PvRBP) family are believed to mediate specific invasion of reticulocytes by P. vivax. In this study, we performed molecular characterization of genes encoding this protein family. Through cDNA sequencing, we have constructed full-length gene models and verified genes that are protein-coding and those that are pseudo genes. We also used quantitative PCR to measure their in vivo transcript abundance in clinical P. vivax isolates. Like genes encoding related invasion ligands of P. falciparum, Pvrbp expression levels vary broadly across different parasite isolates. Through antibody measurements, we found that host immune pressure may be the driving force behind the distinctly high diversity of one of the family members, PvRBP2c. Mild yet significant negative correlation was found between parasitemia and the PvRBP2b antibody level, suggesting that antibodies to this protein may interfere with invasion.
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Infection And Immunity
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