Competition within the virus-specific CD4 T cell pool limits the T follicular helper response after influenza infection
Publication Year 2016-04-22, Volume 94, Issue #8, Page 729-40
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Immunol Cell Biol
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Journal Article
CD4 T follicular helper cells (TFH) are critical in the generation of potent and long-lived B cell responses after viral infection. However the factors that dictate the generation and maintenance of these cells are not fully understood. Here we use adoptive transfer of OTII TCR transgenic CD4 T cells, followed by infection with recombinant influenza A virus (IAV), as a means of identifying and tracking virus-specific CD4+ T cell responses. We show that T cell competition within the virus-specific CD4 T cell pool induced by IAV infection limits the proliferation and differentiation of IAV-specific CD4+ TFH responses. In particular, increased T cell competition for antigen results in a diminished IAV-specific TFH CD4 T cell responses, particularly germinal centre (GC) TFH responses. Strikingly, competition in the form of pre-existing cellular immunity generated by heterosubtypic IAV immunization limits de novo CD4 T cell responses in secondary lymphoid tissue. Taken together, these data show a profound linkage antigen availability and promotion of TFH CD4+ T cell responses in response to infection. This data suggests that competition within the CD4 T cell pool limits TFH responses and may be an important regulatory mechanism for controlling immunity.Immunology and Cell Biology accepted article preview online, 22 April 2016. doi:10.1038/icb.2016.42.
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