c-Myb is required for plasma cell migration to bone marrow after immunization or infection
Publication Year 2015-06-29,Volume 212,Issue #7,Page 1001-9
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J Exp Med
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Journal Article
Plasma cell migration is crucial to immunity, but little is known about the molecular regulators of their migratory programs. Here, we detail the critical role of the transcription factor c-Myb in determining plasma cell location. In the absence of c-Myb, no IgG(+) antigen-specific plasma cells were detected in the bone marrow after immunization or virus infection. This was correlated with a dramatic reduction of plasma cells in peripheral blood, mislocalization in spleen, and an inability of c-Myb-deficient plasma cells to migrate along a CXCL12 gradient. Therefore, c-Myb plays an essential, novel role in establishing the long-lived plasma cell population in the BM via responsiveness to chemokine migration cues.
Rockefeller University Press
WEHI Research Division(s)
Immunology; Molecular Immunology
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