Rare cancers: how far have we come and where should we be heading? Extending evidence-based care to people with rare cancers
Ananda, S; Scott, CL;
Publication Year 2015-03, Volume 39, Issue #1, Page 3-6
Journal Title
Cancer Forum
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Journal Article
Approximately one third of Australians who die of cancer do so from one classified as being ‘rare’. While there have been significant recent improvements seen for many patients with common cancer types, this has not been observed for the majority of patients with a rare cancer diagnosis. At the same time, the proportion of patients who are being diagnosed with a cancer that is classified as being rare is increasing, in part due to the realisation that even common cancers may in fact fall into the rare category once they are classified according to specific molecular changes. Strategies undertaken previously for some rare cancer types, for example pediatric and haematologic malignancies or sarcoma, serve as a guide for ways to improve the care of all rare cancer types. In this forum, Australian leaders in managing rare cancers provide an overview of what rare cancers are and some of the strategies for improving management of patients.
Cancer Council Australia
WEHI Research Division(s)
Stem Cells And Cancer
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