Parkin inhibits BAK and BAX apoptotic function by distinct mechanisms during mitophagy
Publication Year 2019-01-15,Volume 38,Issue #2,Page pii: e99916
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EMBO Journal
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Journal Article
The E3 ubiquitin ligase Parkin is a key effector of the removal of damaged mitochondria by mitophagy. Parkin determines cell fate in response to mitochondrial damage, with its loss promoting early onset Parkinson's disease and potentially also cancer progression. Controlling a cell's apoptotic response is essential to co-ordinate the removal of damaged mitochondria. We report that following mitochondrial damage-induced mitophagy, Parkin directly ubiquitinates the apoptotic effector protein BAK at a conserved lysine in its hydrophobic groove, a region that is crucial for BAK activation by BH3-only proteins and its homo-dimerisation during apoptosis. Ubiquitination inhibited BAK activity by impairing its activation and the formation of lethal BAK oligomers. Parkin also suppresses BAX-mediated apoptosis, but in the absence of BAX ubiquitination suggesting an indirect mechanism. In addition, we find that BAK-dependent mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilisation during apoptosis promotes PINK1-dependent Parkin activation. Hence, we propose that Parkin directly inhibits BAK to suppress errant apoptosis, thereby allowing the effective clearance of damaged mitochondria, but also promotes clearance of apoptotic mitochondria to limit their potential pro-inflammatory effect.
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Ubiquitin Signalling; Advanced Technology And Biology; Blood Cells And Blood Cancer; Structural Biology
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