Comparative analysis of milk microRNA in the therian lineage highlights the evolution of lactation
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Reproduction, Fertility, and Development
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Journal Article in press
Milk is a complex secretion that has an important role in mammalian reproduction. It is only recently that sequencing technologies have allowed the identification and quantification of microRNA (miRNA) in milk of a growing number of mammalian species. This provides a novel window on the study of the evolution and functionality of milk through the comparative analysis of milk miRNA content. Here, milk miRNA sequencing data from five species (one marsupial (tammar wallaby) and four eutherians (human, mouse, cow and pig)) have been retrieved from public depositories and integrated in order to perform a comparison of milk miRNA profiles. The study shows that milk miRNA composition varies widely between species, except for a few miRNAs that are ubiquitously expressed in the milk of all mammals and indicates that milk miRNA secretion has broadly evolved during mammalian evolution. The putative functions of the most abundant milk miRNAs are also discussed.
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