Targeted therapy and disease monitoring in CNTRL-FGFR1-driven leukaemia
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Pediatric Blood & Cancer
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Journal Article in press
We report two patients with leukaemia driven by the rare CNTRL-FGFR1 fusion oncogene. This fusion arises from a t(8;9)(p12;q33) translocation, and is a rare driver of biphenotypic leukaemia in children. We used RNA sequencing to report novel features of expressed CNTRL-FGFR1, including CNTRL-FGFR1 fusion alternative splicing. From this knowledge, we designed and tested a Droplet Digital PCR assay that detects CNTRL-FGFR1 expression to approximately one cell in 100 000 using fusion breakpoint-specific primers and probes. We also utilised cell-line models to show that effective tyrosine kinase inhibitors, which may be included in treatment regimens for this disease, are only those that block FGFR1 phosphorylation.
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Blood Cells And Blood Cancer
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