Impact of diet and the bacterial microbiome on the mucous barrier and immune disorders
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The prevalence of chronic immune and metabolic disorders is increasing rapidly. In particular, inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity, diabetes, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have become major healthcare and economic burdens worldwide. Recent advances in microbiome research have led to significant discoveries of associative links between alterations in the microbiome and health, as well as these chronic supposedly non-communicable, immune/metabolic disorders. Importantly, the interplay between diet, microbiome, and the mucous barrier in these diseases has gained significant attention. Diet modulates the mucous barrier via alterations in gut microbiota, resulting in either disease onset/exacerbation due to a 'poor' diet or protection against disease with a 'healthy' diet. In addition, many mucosa-associated disorders possess a specific gut microbiome fingerprint associated with the composition of the mucous barrier, which is further influenced by host-microbiome and inter-microbial interactions, dietary choices, microbe immigration and antimicrobials. Our review focuses on the interactions of diet (macronutrients and micronutrients), gut microbiota and mucous barriers (gastrointestinal and respiratory tract), and their importance in the onset and/or progression of major immune/metabolic disorders. We also highlight the key mechanisms that could be targeted therapeutically to prevent and/or treat these disorders.
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