BCL-XL exerts a protective role against anemia caused by radiation-induced kidney damage
Publication Year 2020-11-25,Volume 39,Issue #24,Page e105561
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Embo J
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Journal Article
Studies of gene-targeted mice identified the roles of the different pro-survival BCL-2 proteins during embryogenesis. However, little is known about the role(s) of these proteins in adults in response to cytotoxic stresses, such as treatment with anti-cancer agents. We investigated the role of BCL-XL in adult mice using a strategy where prior bone marrow transplantation allowed for loss of BCL-XL exclusively in non-hematopoietic tissues to prevent anemia caused by BCL-XL deficiency in erythroid cells. Unexpectedly, the combination of total body γ-irradiation (TBI) and genetic loss of Bcl-x caused secondary anemia resulting from chronic renal failure due to apoptosis of renal tubular epithelium with secondary obstructive nephropathy. These findings identify a critical protective role of BCL-XL in the adult kidney and inform on the use of BCL-XL inhibitors in combination with DNA damage-inducing drugs for cancer therapy. Encouragingly, the combination of DNA damage-inducing anti-cancer therapy plus a BCL-XL inhibitor could be tolerated in mice, at least when applied sequentially.
Bcl-xl; BH3-mimetic drugs; DNA damage; apoptosis; kidney failure
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Advanced Technology And Biology; Chemical Biology; Blood Cells And Blood Cancer
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