Necroptotic movers and shakers: cell types, inflammatory drivers and diseases
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Curr Opin Immunol
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Journal Article
The necroptotic cell death pathway has received significant attention for its ability to trigger inflammatory responses and its potential involvement in related conditions. Recent insights into the essential membrane damaging necroptotic pseudokinase effector, Mixed lineage kinase domain like (MLKL), have revealed a growing number of diverse MLKL functions that contribute to the inflammatory nature of necroptosis. Here we review distinct MLKL signalling roles and document the immunogenic molecules released by necroptosis. We discuss specific in vivo MLKL-driven responses, the activation of inflammasome complexes and innate lymphoid cells that have been documented to drive disease. Finally, we list necroptotic competent cell types and their involvement in MLKL-driven cell death-associated and inflammatory-associated conditions.
eLife Sciences
WEHI Research Division(s)
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