A serine in the first transmembrane domain of the human E3 ubiquitin ligase MARCH9 is critical for down-regulation of its protein substrates
Publication Year 2019-02,Volume 294,Issue #7,Page 2470-2485
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Journal of Biological Chemistry
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Journal Article
The membrane-associated RING-CH (MARCH) family of membrane-bound E3 ubiquitin ligases regulates the levels of cell-surface membrane proteins, many of which are involved in immune responses. Although their role in ubiquitin-dependent endocytosis and degradation of cell-surface proteins is extensively documented, the features of MARCH proteins and their substrates that drive the molecular recognition events leading to ubiquitin transfer remain poorly defined. In this study, we sought to determine the features of human MARCH9 that are required for regulating the surface levels of its substrate proteins. Consistent with previous studies of other MARCH proteins, we found that susceptibility to MARCH9 activity is encoded in the transmembrane (TM) domains of its substrates. Accordingly, substitutions at specific residues and motifs within MARCH9's TM domains resulted in varying degrees of functional impairment. Most notably, a single serine-to-alanine substitution in the first of its two TM domains rendered MARCH9 completely unable to alter the surface levels of two different substrates: the major histocompatibility class I molecule HLA-A2 and the T-cell co-receptor CD4. Solution NMR analysis of a MARCH9 fragment encompassing the two TM domains and extracellular connecting loop revealed that the residues contributing most to MARCH9 activity are located in the alpha-helical portions of TM1 and TM2 that are closest to the extracellular face of the lipid bilayer. This observation defines a key region required for substrate regulation. In summary, our biochemical and structural findings demonstrate that specific sequences in the alpha-helical MARCH9 TM domains make crucial contributions to its ability to down-regulate its protein substrates.
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Stem Cells And Cancer; Structural Biology
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