Pulmonary group 2 innate lymphoid cells: surprises and challenges
Publication Year 2019-01-21, Volume 12, Issue #2, Page 299-311
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Mucosal Immunology
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Journal Article
Group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) are a recently described subset of innate lymphocytes with important immune and homeostatic functions at multiple tissue sites, especially the lung. These cells expand locally after birth and during postnatal lung maturation and are present in the lung and other peripheral organs. They are modified by a variety of processes and mediate inflammatory responses to respiratory pathogens, inhaled allergens and noxious particles. Here, we review the emerging roles of ILC2s in pulmonary homeostasis and discuss recent and surprising advances in our understanding of how hormones, age, neurotransmitters, environmental challenges, and infection influence ILC2s. We also review how these responses may underpin the development, progression and severity of pulmonary inflammation and chronic lung diseases and highlight some of the remaining challenges for ILC2 biology.
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