A bioreactor system for the manufacture of a genetically modified Plasmodium falciparum blood stage malaria cell bank for use in a clinical trial
Publication Year 2018-08-06, Volume 17, Issue #1, Page 283
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Malaria Journal
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Journal Article
BACKGROUND: Although the use of induced blood stage malaria infection has proven to be a valuable tool for testing the efficacy of vaccines and drugs against Plasmodium falciparum, a limiting factor has been the availability of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant defined P. falciparum strains for in vivo use. The aim of this study was to develop a cost-effective method for the large-scale production of P. falciparum cell banks suitable for use in clinical trials. METHODS: Genetically-attenuated parasites (GAP) were produced by targeted deletion of the gene encoding the knob associated histidine rich protein (kahrp) from P. falciparum strain 3D7. A GAP master cell bank (MCB) was manufactured by culturing parasites in an FDA approved single use, closed system sterile plastic bioreactor. All components used to manufacture the MCB were screened to comply with standards appropriate for in vivo use. The cryopreserved MCB was subjected to extensive testing to ensure GMP compliance for a phase 1 investigational product. RESULTS: Two hundred vials of the GAP MCB were successfully manufactured. At harvest, the GAP MCB had a parasitaemia of 6.3%, with 96% of parasites at ring stage. Testing confirmed that all release criteria were met (sterility, absence of viral contaminants and endotoxins, parasite viability following cryopreservation, identity and anti-malarial drug sensitivity of parasites). CONCLUSION: Large-scale in vitro culture of P. falciparum parasites using a wave bioreactor can be achieved under GMP-compliant conditions. This provides a cost-effective methodology for the production of malaria parasites suitable for administration in clinical trials.
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Infection And Immunity
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