Molecular insight into targeting the NK cell immune response to cancer
Publication Year 2018-03-25,Volume 96,Issue #5,Page 477-484
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Immunology and Cell Biology
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Journal Article
Natural Killer (NK) cells have long been considered an important part of the anti-tumour immune response due to their potent cytolytic and cytokine-secreting abilities. To date, a clear demonstration of the role NK cells play in human cancer is lacking, and there are still very few examples of therapies that efficiently exploit or enhance the spontaneous ability of NK cells to destroy autologous cancer cells. Given the paradigm shift towards cancer immunotherapy over the past decade, there is a renewed push to understand how NK cell homeostasis and function are regulated in order to therapeutically harness these cells to treat cancer. This review will highlight recent advancements in our understanding of how growth factors impact on NK cell development, differentiation, survival and function with an emphasis on how these pathways may influence NK cell activity in the tumour microenvironment and control of cancer metastasis. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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Molecular Immunology; Bioinformatics
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