Deconstructing deployment of the innate immune lymphocyte army for barrier homeostasis and protection
Publication Year 2018-11, Volume 286, Issue #1, Page 6-22
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Immunological Reviews
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Journal Article
The study of the immune system has shifted from a purely dichotomous separation between the innate and adaptive arms to one that is now highly complex and reshaping our ideas of how steady-state health is assured. It is now clear that immune cells do not neatly fit into these two streams and immune homeostasis depends on continual dialogue between multiple lineages of the innate (including dendritic cells, innate lymphoid cells, and unconventional lymphocytes) and adaptive (T and B lymphocytes) arms together with a finely tuned synergy between the host and microbes which is essential to ensure immune homeostasis. Innate lymphoid cells are critical players in this new landscape. Here, we discuss recent studies that have elucidated in detail the development of ILCs from their earliest progenitors and examine factors that influence their identification and ability to drive immune homeostasis and long-term immune protection.
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Molecular Immunology
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