Akt1 is the principal Akt isoform regulating apoptosis in limiting cytokine concentrations
Publication Year 2013-10, Volume 20, Issue #10, Page 1341-1349
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The activation of the Akt signalling in response to cytokine receptor signalling promotes protein synthesis, cellular growth and proliferation. To determine the role of Akt in interleukin-3 (IL-3) signalling, we generated IL-3-dependent myeloid cell lines from mice lacking Akt1, Akt2 or Akt3. Akt1 deletion resulted in accelerated apoptosis at low concentrations of IL-3. Expression of constitutively active Akt1 was sufficient to delay apoptosis in response to IL-3 withdrawal, but not sufficient to induce proliferation in the absence of IL-3. Akt1 prolonged survival of Bim- or Bad-deficient cells, but not cells lacking Puma, indicating that Akt1-dependent repression of apoptosis was in part dependent on Puma and independent of Bim or Bad. Our data show that a key role of Akt1 during IL-3 signalling is to repress p53-dependent apoptosis pathways, including transcriptional upregulation of Puma. Moreover, our data indicate that regulation of BH3-only proteins by Akt is dispensable for Akt-dependent cell survival.
Akt; Bcl-2; interleukin-3; puma
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Cell Signalling And Cell Death
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