Transcriptional Control of Pre-B Cell Development and Leukemia Prevention
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Curr Top Microbiol Immunol
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Journal Article
The differentiation of early B cell progenitors is controlled by multiple transcriptional regulators and growth-factor receptors. The triad of DNA-binding proteins, E2A, EBF1, and PAX5 is critical for both the early specification and commitment of B cell progenitors, while a larger number of secondary determinants, such as members of the Ikaros, ETS, Runx, and IRF families have more direct roles in promoting stage-specific pre-B gene-expression program. Importantly, it is now apparent that mutations in many of these transcription factors are associated with the progression to acute lymphoblastic leukemia. In this review, we focus on recent studies that have shed light on the transcriptional hierarchy that controls efficient B cell commitment and differentiation as well as focus on the oncogenic consequences of the loss of many of the same factors.
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Molecular Immunology
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