Co-sedimentation Assay for the Detection of Direct Binding to F-actin.
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This protocol describes measurement of direct protein-protein interactions by actin co-sedimentation assay. The actin co-sedimentation assay is a well-established technique and has been commonly used to demonstrate binding of proteins that interact directly with actin filaments 1, 2, 3, 4. We and others have previously shown that the damaged cell-recognition molecule C-type lectin 9A (Clec9A) recognises a conserved component within nucleated and non-nucleated cells that is exposed only when the cell membrane is damaged 5, 6. Here we use Clec9A as an example and present a detailed procedure for demonstrating the direct binding of purified recombinant Clec9A ectodomain to actin filaments
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Cancer And Haematology; Immunology
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