NMR studies of interactions between Bax and BH3 domain-containing peptides in the absence and presence of CHAPS
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Archives of biochemistry and biophysics
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Journal Article
Activation and oligomerisation of Bax, a key pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 family protein, are key steps in the mitochondrial pathway to apoptosis. The signals for apoptosis are conveyed by the distantly related BH3-only proteins, which use their short BH3 domain, an amphipathic alpha-helix, to interact with other Bcl-2 family members. Here we report an NMR study of interactions between BaxDeltaC and BH3 domain-containing peptides in the absence and presence of CHAPS, a zwitterionic detergent. We find for the first time that CHAPS interacts weakly with BaxDeltaC (fast exchange on the NMR chemical shift timescale), at concentrations below micelle formation and with an estimated Kd in the tens of mM. Direct and relatively strong-interactions (slow exchange on the NMR chemical shift timescale) were also observed for BaxDeltaC with BaxBH3 (estimated Kd of circa 150muM) or BimBH3 in the absence of CHAPS. The interaction with either peptide alone induced widespread chemical shift perturbations to BaxDeltaC in solution which implies that BaxDeltaC might have undergone significant conformation change upon binding the BH3 peptide. However, BaxDeltaC remained monomeric upon binding either CHAPS or a BH3 peptide alone, but the presence of both provoked it to form a dimer.
Apoptosis; BH3 domains; Bax; CHAPS; Dimerization; NMR
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Cancer And Haematology; Molecular Genetics Of Cancer; Structural Biology
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