The search for RNA-binding proteins: a technical and interdisciplinary challenge
Publication Year 2021-01-25, Volume 49, Issue #1, Page 393-403
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Biochemical Society Transactions
RNA-binding proteins are customarily regarded as important facilitators of gene expression. In recent years, RNA-protein interactions have also emerged as a pervasive force in the regulation of homeostasis. The compendium of proteins with provable RNA-binding function has swelled from the hundreds to the thousands astride the partnership of mass spectrometry-based proteomics and RNA sequencing. At the foundation of these advances is the adaptation of RNA-centric capture methods that can extract bound protein that has been cross-linked in its native environment. These methods reveal snapshots in time displaying an extensive network of regulation and a wealth of data that can be used for both the discovery of RNA-binding function and the molecular interfaces at which these interactions occur. This review will focus on the impact of these developments on our broader perception of post-transcriptional regulation, and how the technical features of current capture methods, as applied in mammalian systems, create a challenging medium for interpretation by systems biologists and target validation by experimental researchers.
Portland Press
Rna; RNA-binding proteins; biochemical techniques and resources
WEHI Research Division(s)
Advanced Technology And Biology
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