A single-cell RNA expression atlas of normal, preneoplastic and tumorigenic states in the human breast
Publication Year 2021-05-05, Volume 40, Issue #11, Page e107333
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EMBO Journal
To examine global changes in breast heterogeneity across different states, we determined the single-cell transcriptomes of > 340,000 cells encompassing normal breast, preneoplastic BRCA1(+/-) tissue, the major breast cancer subtypes, and pairs of tumors and involved lymph nodes. Elucidation of the normal breast microenvironment revealed striking changes in the stroma of post-menopausal women. Single-cell profiling of 34 treatment-naive primary tumors, including estrogen receptor (ER)(+) , HER2(+) , and triple-negative breast cancers, revealed comparable diversity among cancer cells and a discrete subset of cycling cells. The transcriptomes of preneoplastic BRCA1(+/-) tissue versus tumors highlighted global changes in the immune microenvironment. Within the tumor immune landscape, proliferative CD8(+) T cells characterized triple-negative and HER2(+) cancers but not ER(+) tumors, while all subtypes comprised cycling tumor-associated macrophages, thus invoking potentially different immunotherapy targets. Copy number analysis of paired ER(+) tumors and lymph nodes indicated seeding by genetically distinct clones or mass migration of primary tumor cells into axillary lymph nodes. This large-scale integration of patient samples provides a high-resolution map of cell diversity in normal and cancerous human breast.
Embo Press
BRCA1 carriers; LN metastasis; breast cancer; microenvironment; single-cell RNA-seq
WEHI Research Division(s)
Cancer Biology And Stem Cells; Advanced Technology And Biology; Bioinformatics; Immunology
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