CD36 family members are TCR-independent ligands for CD1 antigen-presenting molecules
Publication Year 2021-06-25, Volume 6, Issue #60, Page eabg4176
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Science Immunology
CD1c presents lipid-based antigens to CD1c-restricted T cells, which are thought to be a major component of the human T cell pool. However, the study of CD1c-restricted T cells is hampered by the presence of an abundantly expressed, non-T cell receptor (TCR) ligand for CD1c on blood cells, confounding analysis of TCR-mediated CD1c tetramer staining. Here, we identified the CD36 family (CD36, SR-B1, and LIMP-2) as ligands for CD1c, CD1b, and CD1d proteins and showed that CD36 is the receptor responsible for non-TCR-mediated CD1c tetramer staining of blood cells. Moreover, CD36 blockade clarified tetramer-based identification of CD1c-restricted T cells and improved identification of CD1b- and CD1d-restricted T cells. We used this technique to characterize CD1c-restricted T cells ex vivo and showed diverse phenotypic features, TCR repertoire, and antigen-specific subsets. Accordingly, this work will enable further studies into the biology of CD1 and human CD1-restricted T cells.
WEHI Research Division(s)
Epigenetics And Development
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