A guide to membrane atg8ylation and autophagy with reflections on immunity
Deretic, V; Lazarou, M;
Publication Year 2022-07-04,Volume 221,Issue #7,Page e202203083
Journal Title
Journal of Cell Biology
The process of membrane atg8ylation, defined herein as the conjugation of the ATG8 family of ubiquitin-like proteins to membrane lipids, is beginning to be appreciated in its broader manifestations, mechanisms, and functions. Classically, membrane atg8ylation with LC3B, one of six mammalian ATG8 family proteins, has been viewed as the hallmark of canonical autophagy, entailing the formation of characteristic double membranes in the cytoplasm. However, ATG8s are now well described as being conjugated to single membranes and, most recently, proteins. Here we propose that the atg8ylation is coopted by multiple downstream processes, one of which is canonical autophagy. We elaborate on these biological outputs, which impact metabolism, quality control, and immunity, emphasizing the context of inflammation and immunological effects. In conclusion, we propose that atg8ylation is a modification akin to ubiquitylation, and that it is utilized by different systems participating in membrane stress responses and membrane remodeling activities encompassing autophagy and beyond.
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WEHI Research Division(s)
Ubiquitin Signalling
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