COVID-19 vaccination-related adverse events among autoimmune disease patients: results from the COVAD study
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OBJECTIVES: COVID-19 vaccines have been proven to be safe in the healthy population. However, gaps remain in the evidence of their safety in patients with systemic autoimmune and inflammatory disorders (SAIDs). COVID-19 vaccination related adverse events (ADEs) in patients with SAIDs and healthy controls (HC) seven days post-vaccination were assessed in the COVAD study, a patient self-reported cross-sectional survey. METHODS: The survey was circulated in early 2021 by > 110 collaborators (94 countries) to collect SAID details, COVID-19 vaccination details, and 7-day vaccine ADEs, irrespective of respondent vaccination status. Analysis was performed based on data distribution and variable type. RESULTS: 10900 respondents [42 (30-55) years, 74% females and 45% Caucasians] were analyzed. 5,867 patients (54%) with SAIDs were compared with 5033 HCs.79% had minor and only 3% had major vaccine ADEs requiring urgent medical attention (but not hospital admission) overall. Headache [SAIDs=26%, HCs=24%; OR = 1.1 (1.03-1.3); p = 0.014], abdominal pain [SAIDs=2.6%, HCs=1.4%; OR = 1.5 (1.1-2.3); p = 0.011], and dizziness [SAIDs=6%, HCs=4%; OR = 1.3 (1.07-1.6); p = 0.011], were slightly more frequent in SAIDs. Overall, major ADEs [SAIDs=4%, HCs=2%; OR = 1.9 (1.6-2.2); p < 0.001] and, specifically, throat closure [SAIDs=0.5%, HCs=0.3%; OR = 5.7 (2.9-11); p = 0.010] were more frequent in SAIDs though absolute risk was small (0-4%). Major ADEs and hospitalizations (less than 2%) were comparable across vaccine types in SAIDs. CONCLUSION: Vaccination against COVID-19 is relatively safe in SAID patients. SAIDs were at a higher risk of major ADEs than HCs, though absolute risk was small. There are small differences in minor ADEs between vaccine types in SAID patients.
Covid-19; adverse reaction; autoimmune disease; rheumatic disease; vaccine
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