Maternal SMCHD1 controls both imprinted Xist expression and imprinted X chromosome inactivation
Publication Year 2022-07-18,Volume 15,Issue #1,Page 26
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Epigenetics & Chromatin
Embryonic development is dependent on the maternal supply of proteins through the oocyte, including factors setting up the adequate epigenetic patterning of the zygotic genome. We previously reported that one such factor is the epigenetic repressor SMCHD1, whose maternal supply controls autosomal imprinted expression in mouse preimplantation embryos and mid-gestation placenta. In mouse preimplantation embryos, X chromosome inactivation is also an imprinted process. Combining genomics and imaging, we show that maternal SMCHD1 is required not only for the imprinted expression of Xist in preimplantation embryos, but also for the efficient silencing of the inactive X in both the preimplantation embryo and mid-gestation placenta. These results expand the role of SMCHD1 in enforcing the silencing of Polycomb targets. The inability of zygotic SMCHD1 to fully restore imprinted X inactivation further points to maternal SMCHD1's role in setting up the appropriate chromatin environment during preimplantation development, a critical window of epigenetic remodelling.
Animals; Blastocyst; Chromatin/metabolism; Chromosomal Proteins, Non-Histone/metabolism; Embryonic Development; Mice; *RNA, Long Noncoding/genetics/metabolism; X Chromosome/genetics/metabolism; *X Chromosome Inactivation
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Epigenetics And Development
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