An integrated interpreting service normalizes access to care for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) patients with colorectal cancer
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Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncolgy
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AIM: To compare access to the initial management and overall survival with colorectal cancer for limited English proficient (LEP) patients compared with patients from an English background. METHODS: All newly diagnosed patients from 2017 with colorectal cancer from a single health service with a highly multicultural catchment area and a well-developed and integrated translation and language support (TALS) department were recruited. Time from referral to: biopsy, date seen by a surgeon, oncologist, discussion at a multidisciplinary meeting (MDM), and day of commencement of the first treatment modality, and overall survival were analyzed. RESULTS: One hundred sixty-two patients were analyzed, including 57 LEP patients from 22 countries of birth. Interpreters were present at 687/782 appointments with LEP patients. There were no differences in demographics or cancer staging. There were no differences between English background and LEP patients with regard to times from referral to biopsy (1 vs. 0 days), specialist review (surgical: 4 vs. 6 days, oncological: 45 vs. 57 days), MDM discussion (23 vs. 15 days), or commencement of treatment (32 vs. 28.5 days). There were no differences in treatment for colorectal cancer, although a higher rate of stomas was noted in LEP patients. There was no difference in overall survival between groups. CONCLUSION: Time to critical initial checkpoints and overall survival were similar in LEP and English background patients with colorectal cancer. An integrated TALS department may abrogate the language and cultural barriers that are known to disadvantage LEP patients and may contribute to normalizing care for the culturally and linguistically diverse community.
Cald; Lep; colorectal cancer; culturally and linguistically diverse; language; limited English proficiency
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Personalised Oncology
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