Cell signaling activation and extracellular matrix remodeling underpin glioma tumor microenvironment heterogeneity and organization
Publication Year 2023-06,Volume 46,Issue #3,Page 589-602
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Cellular Oncology
PURPOSE: Tumor cells thrive by adapting to the signals in their microenvironment. To adapt, cancer cells activate signaling and transcriptional programs and migrate to establish micro-niches, in response to signals from neighboring cells and non-cellular stromal factors. Understanding how the tumor microenvironment evolves during disease progression is crucial to deciphering the mechanisms underlying the functional behavior of cancer cells. METHODS: Multiplex immunohistochemistry, spatial analysis and histological dyes were used to identify and measure immune cell infiltration, cell signal activation and extracellular matrix deposition in low-grade, high-grade astrocytoma and glioblastoma. RESULTS: We show that lower grade astrocytoma tissue is largely devoid of infiltrating immune cells and extracellular matrix proteins, while high-grade astrocytoma exhibits abundant immune cell infiltration, activation, and extensive tissue remodeling. Spatial analysis shows that most T-cells are restricted to perivascular regions, but bone marrow-derived macrophages penetrate deep into neoplastic cell-rich regions. The tumor microenvironment is characterized by heterogeneous PI3K, MAPK and CREB signaling, with specific signaling profiles correlating with distinct pathological hallmarks, including angiogenesis, tumor cell density and regions where neoplastic cells border the extracellular matrix. Our results also show that tissue remodeling is important in regulating the architecture of the tumor microenvironment during tumor progression. CONCLUSION: The tumor microenvironment in malignant astrocytoma, exhibits changes in cell composition, cell signaling activation and extracellular matrix deposition during disease development and that targeting the extracellular matrix, as well as cell signaling activation will be critical to designing personalized therapy.
Astrocytoma; Cell signaling; Extracellular matrix; Glioblastoma; Glioma; Macrophages; T-cells; Tissue remodeling; Tumor microenvironment
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